No pressure

This is our first blog post here on TinyGiantcreative so we better make it a good one. No pressure then.

Today we’ve been working on our promotional project to promote our self as a creative team to the advertising industry. Hopefully some art director in New York will spot us and we’ll be on our way to the capital of advertising. In the meantime we’re working to get our portfolio online. We‘re already well underway with designing logo and making a responsive website to host the portfolio. It’s important for us that the website is responsive so people can visit it on all devices (and so we can show off our new learned skills). But it’s also a challenge to get things where you want them to be.

In addition to the website and this blog, we’re creating an animation to promote our self. It’s not finish but it’s getting somewhere. Hopefully where we want it to be.

A tiny sneak peek from the animation.

A tiny sneak peek from the animation.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting up with our simulated agency, Friplet, to share concepts for a brief that was given to us from the ad agency Five by Five. In other words, we better get some sleep.

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