Sunday is workday like every other day

So, the creative team promotion is coming together bit by bit. Since last time Mariann travelled back home to Norway for a week, and I ‘m left alone in the apartment. But it is going great even though it’s a bit boring without my roomie.

I’ve not just been working with the promotion task. I’ve been working with my creative project too. I’m soon finished with the first part of the project and I‘ve written 5000 words about Interactivity in advertising and how you could build up a relationship between brand and consumer using interaction. The next step is to edit the text down to 3500 words. The second part of the project is to find a client and make a campaign. The next couple of days I’m going to brainstorm like a maniac and come up with some ideas for two different clients, and then I’ll decide which one I want to run with. I’ll come back to you when I have decided.

As I said, the promotion part is coming together. The plan is to print out everything tomorrow morning. Until now, we’ve made this blog, an animation film that will be the introduction on our website and some other things.  I won’t tell you everything yet, but you will get to see it in the end. However I have permission from my roomie back in Norway to show you our logo.

What do you readers think?

– Giant

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