Friplet creative

Today we handed in our Agency simulation report, which we’ve been working on since February. We created our own little agency called Friplet. Then an extra group member came along and ruined the meaning of the name (as we were now five) and informed us that fripple without a ”t” meant frozen nipple. Since we’d already made the logo we choose to ignore that information.


We had to find a brief and actually ended up with three offers. None of which we really wanted to work with. Normally you wouldn’t have this luxury in an agency, but we needed a brief where we could show off our skills. In the end we were pleased to get a brief from the agency Five by Five, who gave us one of their earlier briefs from Stowe Landscape Gardens.

There has been a lot of research and we even took a road trip to Milton Keynes to execute a survey and visit the gardens, but there’s also been a lot of creative challenges as well which we of course enjoy a lot more than research.


The only thing left now is our Creative Project and the agency simulation presentation, but recent future events keep distracting us from our goal. By that we’re referring to Norway’s national day, the final class party and a week in Alicante with some of our fellow students. The presentation is pretty much finished, but since we added a special twist we’re going to be extra nervous. 

Whish us luck!

– TinyGiant