Guess what?

Summer is over! Though it never really arrived in Bergen. Oddly it never does. However, we are way overdue a blog post and an update to what we have been doing lately. After we finished… Oh, yes, we probably should have started with the fact that we finished Uni. Both with each our First class honours degree. Feels good to know all the hard work paid off. Well, we will continue what we started: After we finished Uni we spent a week at a friend’s house in Alicante, Spain. It was fantastic. We had a private house with a private pool and sun, in other words heaven for two pale Norwegians.

Alicante (Picture by Pål Hamre)

When we returned to Norway we finished a campaign for a Norwegian agency. A brief we expected to be incredibly boring, but turned out to be quite interesting and fun. This campaign was just to give us something to practise on and to receive critique. Then we moved on to create new promotional material for TinyGiant. This included business cards, CVs, web page and a new portfolio as Solent Uni holds our original one hostage. We brought all this stuff to New Blood where three of our campaigns were exhibited at the Solent Uni stand. It was fun to see people’s reactions when they checked out our work. Especially when they laughed (they were meant to laugh) and took pictures. Even our business cards were popular and they all disappeared, though we suspect that people just wanted a key chain. At one of the events, we visited Cogs Agency and met Ben Wise who has been really nice and helped us with our job applications this summer. At the end of summer, we did a three-week internship at U-dox through Skype, which was really challenging and fun.

Our new business cards

Us with our work at New Blood

Now you know what we did last summer.

– TinyGiant

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